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Trump insults widow of solider killed in Niger, left 'crying' and 'distraught'

Donald Trump is coming under fire for what he said while speaking to the widow of a fallen solider killed during a recent ambush in Niger.
Earlier this month, four United States soldiers were killed during an ambush in Niger, Africa. After receiving criticism, Donald Trump took a few minutes to call the pregnant widow of one of the soldiers, but made comments that didn't go over well with some people. Trump on Niger attack When Donald Trump first announced his plans to run for president, he had a few talking points in mind. One issue that the former host of "The Apprentice" focused on was his alleged love and respect for the United States Military, including soldiers past and present. Trump took a hard-line approach with the issue, pandering to the military to the point that he avoid a confrontation with then debate moderator Megyn Kelly and hosted a fundraiser for veterans instead. Since his election, the president has continued to claim that he will be the best commander in chief when it comes to treating the military well, but faced backlash due to his slow response to the soldiers killed in Niger two weeks ago....