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Donald Trump forced to stop 'Thank You Tour' speech as multiple protests break out

Donald Trump had a difficult time getting through his latest speech as protested crashed his event, promoting the president-elect to response.
Even though Donald Trump is the new president-elect, that hasn't stopped millions of Americans from voicing their opposition. As Trump continued his next stop on his "Thank You Tour," a group of protesters found their way inside. Trump backlash It became commonplace for Donald Trump to face a growing number of protesters as his campaign began to gain steam. One rally in Chicago last March became so hostile that the local authorities were forced to cancel the event before Trump could even make it on stage. The anti-Trump protests started to calm down as Election Day inched closer, but only grew in the days after Trump's upset win. Twenty-four hours after a small group of protesters interrupted his rally in Iowa on Thursday, Mediaite reports on December 9 that a similar situation took place on Friday night. As part of the "Thank You Tour" to visit all the states he won during the election, Donald Trump made his way to Grand Rapids, Michigan. As the former host of "The Apprentice"...