Rife and civil war in the Republican Party as Trump tests his next move
Will he cede power to the rebellious far right faction or try working with Democrats?
Emma Vulet
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Michael Flynn reportedly turns on Donald Trump to cut deal with FBI, CNN reports

The scandal involving Donald Trump and Russia took another turn after it was reported that Michael Flynn might have reached a deal with the FBI
Even before Donald Trump was elected president, the rumors of Russia's involvement in the election and his campaign were running rampant. Since Election Day, many of those alleged rumors have been proven factual, with yet another bombshell possibly being uncovered over the weekend. Flynn goes rogue Not long after Donald Trump shocked the world with his historic upset win over Hillary Clinton last November, retired Gen. Michael Flynn was tapped to become the new National Security Adviser. However, Flynn wouldn't last long in the role after it was revealed that he had been in contact with top Russian government officials just weeks after the election. Due to Trump's alleged ties to the Kremlin, the pressure mounted on the White House to make a move, and Flynn was asked to resign from his position. Since then, other members of Trump's campaign, or well-known outside advisers, have been exposed for their link to Russia. During a March 25 broadcast on CNN, a network analyst reported that...
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