A good workout partner will assist you to achieve your ideal target from your workout plan. It is easy to dodge the gym or give up when you are on your own, but it’s hard to pin down a colleague who is expecting you to turn up. Plus, a gym buddy offers encouragement for individuals trying to lose weight or gain muscles and pushes you to train harder. Attending the gym with a suitable pal can double the duration of your exercises, according to scholars from Michigan State University. But the secret is finding the right candidate for the job. Here are five attributes of a perfect buddy:


There is no need in scheduling a gym routine if your pal doesn`t show up.


Pick a guy who can turn up every day while avoiding someone who often bails on you. You need an individual who will hold you accountable. You need a buddy who will annoyingly call or text you on planks day or leg day to discourage you from missing out. This person will make sure that you move to the gym and train to your best.

A partner who is Stronger than you.

It is important to find a training pal smarter than you when it comes to aerobics, weight training or even yoga. There are several ways to become fit, but it takes someone with a trained eye to identify what actually works best with your target goals. Working out with a knowledgeable partner can be extremely beneficial. For instance, you can push yourself 90% harder just by targeting a partner who is 40% percent stronger than you, according to the research from the University of Kansas.


Ideally, real training buddies strengthen each other`s knowledge and often endeavor to grow smarter.


Motivation is a vital quality that you should look for in a training pal. You need a fellow to push you harder to encourage you to perform better each and every day. However, this individual should understand you better and have beautiful words to say to get you going. Surprisingly, your body is capable of doing more workouts than you think, and it takes a motivating training partner to identify that strength from you.

Shared Goals.

It is imperative to have a gym buddy who shares the same goals as you. If you are trying to gain a lot of strength and your gym partner is trying to lose weight, your targets do not match and training schedule won`t line up either. Stipulating similar goals and challenging each other on who can achieve them first is the inspiring trick to remain motivated and make consistent achievements in the gym.

Master their workout.

Greek research indicates that you work harder, smarter and more efficiently when the results is external, as opposed to internal.


Apparently, you are not searching for a tutorial on breathing strategies, but your watcher needs to evaluate if your back should be bending as you squat or not. Remember that safety comes first before you do any workout.

A training soulmate who possesses all of these qualities may be difficult to find. You may go through this list and discover you lack one or more of these attributes in a gym buddy. Exercising is all about developing and graduating to a better person especially when it comes to performing workouts like planks. But even if you lack all of these skills, that doesn’t mean that you are incapable of learning them. Individuals who have these qualities don`t just make a perfect training partner, but they incorporate real friendship as well.  #Health