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'Horizon Zero Dawn' reaches new milestone becoming Sony's major franchise

Sony itself confirmed that they will be in the 'Horizon Zero Dawn' business for a very long time
If there is a title that easily acquired massive success this 2017, it is no other than “Horizon Zero Dawn.” In fact, its inflating success is unlikely to be topped by any game this year. This is definitely good news to the growing fans of the hit action role-playing game. Being a new player in the scene, “Horizon Zero Dawn” felt inferior during its initial release, as it was overshadowed by other big games. However, its consistency in providing the tech giant a decent sales track over the course of months has been its ultimate fuel. As of this writing, it is currently sitting at 3.5 million sold copies. A major franchise in the making Obviously, this would have been impossible had the game gone astray. Since it went the other way around, both publisher Sony and developer Guerilla Games are set to bring a franchise out of the title. In an interview with The Telegraph, the company’s very own president Shawn Layden revealed some interesting details about the game and their...