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New 'Overwatch' patch brings another Mercy nerf

Mercy is a must-pick hero, but the recent changes will reduce her pick rate.
Blizzard has added numerous updates to "Overwatch" lately and most of them have been positively accepted by the community. On October 17, the game developer added another patch to the game, and this time it was a small update that changed a few things. The patch went live on all three "Overwatch" platforms and Blizzard posted patch notes shortly after, providing players with much details about the changes. While the patch mostly brought minor changes, it did bring a few rather big changes to two heroes. The heroes affected by the changes are Lucio and Mercy, and while Lucio got a slight buff to his movement speed, Mercy received another nerf. There is no doubt that this will negatively impact her pick rate as the latest changes will once again change the way players use the hero. Mercy's latest nerfs Before the patch hit live servers, Mercy players would get a cooldown reset on Guardian Angel and Resurrect immediately after using her ultimate ability. However, the latest update removed...