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10 actors to play 'Overwatch' characters in a live-action movie

This 'Overwatch' film will surely be the most epic game-adaptation movie of all time -- If Blizzard...
"Overwatch" has been around for only a year, but has already dominated the gaming industry. Millions of fans and famed critics clamor for a massive celebration of the game's immense success. Undoubtedly, Blizzard has been receiving requests for a live-action movie adaptation featuring our most favorite characters. To help Blizzard in sorting out actors and actresses that would fit best in the characters' different personalities, a Facebook fan page called OW Waifu took the initiative to pitch names of Hollywood A-listers to fill in the casting. Below are the biggest names in the movie industry we wish to see play the roles of our beloved "Overwatch" characters. 1. Ashley Greene as Tracer Tracer first appeared in the "Overwatch" universe. However, she was released as a playable character only in April 2016 as part of an update. On the other hand, Ashley Greene came to fame as Alice Cullen from the Twilight Saga. Her looks and sweet candor impart a seeming similarity to Tracer. 2. Megan...