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What to know about misophonia?

When no one understands why you want to hit someone chewing so innocently yet so loudly
Many psychological disorders can be troublesome. For instance, a social anxiety disorder could distort your worldview. In addition, a depression disorder could hurt your ability to function. But, what about misophonia? Misophonia is a condition in which one emotionally reacts to an everyday sound. Such sounds can include sniffling, coughing, chewing, tapping, etc. Misophonia occurs when the limbic system is wired to the auditory system. In other words, it occurs from a miswiring incident. It is why one would feel a panic attack coming when someone sniffles. Of course, getting it everytime is tiring. But, the thing is that people who have misophonia cannot control it. Since they cannot control their reactions, they can easily aggravate their friends and family. Therefore, misophonia has a strong potential for isolation. When you're consumed with rage In May of last year, NY Mag interviewed a 28-year-old magazine editor who describes the process of hearing a trigger sound. Her trigger...