Bitcoin is thought to be the most expensive cryptocurrency in the crypto #market. Five other cryptocurrencies are more expensive than Bitcoin. tracks the market activity such as prices of crypto currencies in this market. The most valuable cryptocurrency is Project-X whose price currently stands at $205,387.

Project-X (NANOX)

The price of one Project-X coin is $205,387. Project-X was introduced on May 30 this year at the cost of $440,118. The price of one Project-X coin has attained a maximum price of more than $1.5 million a coin. Its current coin supply and market capitalization are unknown. The coins trading volume is deficient, $413 worth of Project-X coins have been traded in the past 24 hours.


This coin is traded on

Bit20 (BTWTY)

The price of one Bit20 coin is $194,903. Bit20 digital coins were introduced on July 18 this year at the cost of $68,979. Bit20 coins have reached a maximum price of more than $284,661 a coin. Trading volumes for this coin in the last 24 hours is unknown while its market capitalization stands at $198,021. This coin can be traded on It is categorized as an asset whose market activity is pegged against the market activities of 20 crypto currencies.

42-coin (42)

This cryptocurrency is worth $6,833 making it the third most expensive cryptocurrency in the crypto market. The coin was introduced in January this year with a price of more than $1 million; it is traded on three cryptocurrency exchanges, they include Cryptopia, Livecoin, and Novaexchange.


Its price has plummetted to $20 in Mid this year and is currently trading at $7,665. Coinmarketcap has categorized 42-coin as a mineable coin with a market capitalization of $286,991.

Primalbase Token (PBT)

Coinmarketcap has categorized this cryptocurrency as an asset based currency. Its price is $4,127 while market capitalization is $4,127,060. Total supply has been capped at 1,250 coins while 1,000 coins are currently in supply. The coin was introduced into the market for trading on August 5 at a price of $6,069. It can be traded on Tidex and Wave Decentralized exchanges.


BitBTC is the fifth most expensive cryptocurrency is the crypto currency market. It is currently priced at $3,710 and is categorized as an Asset. Its market capitalization stands at $208,731. It was introduced in September this year with a price of $379; its price has grown steadily since its introduction. #Project X #Token